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Clenbuterol 40mcg x 100 tabs by Unichem Pharmaceuticals



Buy Clenbuterol Steroids 

Name: Clenbuterol

Contains: 40mcg x one hundred Tablets

Why Clenbuterol?

Clenbuterol is a popular anabolic steroid that is used for burning fats. It is also referred to as clen, and consists of the most popular anti-catabolic and thermogenic properties. It is highly popular among Hollywood celebrities in addition to the bodybuilding community. It enables you to get that lean and shredded appearance that you’ve usually wanted.

Benefits of Clenbuterol

#1: Incredibly rapid fat loss. If you are trying very hard to get rid of the undesired fat in your body to attend any specific occasion such as a wedding, reunion, etc, then taking Clenbuterol can help. Clen enables you to lose fats rapidly, even as maintaining the muscle groups on the same time.

#2: Increases metabolism and preserves lean muscle mass.

#3: Prevents accumulation of fat after you’ve misplaced it. It no longer permits the body to create new deposits of fats.

#4: Get rid of all of the extra water weight from the body, which enables you to lose a variety of weight in less time.

#5: You will be able to lose weight without actually reducing the quantity of your meals.

#6: Gives you the strength you want in your exercise. Helps you train tough and helps in quick recovery from your regular exercises at the gym.

#7: Offers superb safety to the lungs during the exercise and improves the flow of oxygen to all cells of the frame. So that you could breathe commonly even after an exhausting exercise.

How Does Clenbuterol Work?

Clenbuterol enables you to lose fat by the technique of thermogenesis, this simply means that it will increase your body’s temperature by some degrees. This permits for a four to five percent growth withinside the calorie expenditure and most fats burning in a short time.

Without any doubt, it can be said that clenbuterol is a very strong fat loss agent, however, for this steroid to work, it is crucial to take proper diet. If you are not properly taking care of your diet do not expect any fat reduction.

What is Clenbuterol?

Clenbuterol, a sympathomimetic amine, is used to aid those suffering from breathing-related disorders, such as asthma, as it was first utilized in 1977. Additionally, it has been employed as a performance-enhancing drug in bodybuilding and athletics to preserve lean musculature and muscle bulk. Furthermore, it is highly regarded as a great fat-burning drug that aids bodybuilders in maintaining lean muscle mass, enabling athletes and gym fans to accomplish their physical fitness objectives.This substance shares certain properties with anabolic steroids, making it categorized as a beta2-adrenergic agonist. It assists in the relaxation of muscles and helps those suffering from asthma and other similar conditions with respiration. Bodybuilders and athletes also take advantage of its fat-burning capacities, as the same receptors that are triggered when an asthma patient takes it are the ones that stimulate fat loss. This allows fitness enthusiasts to shed fat and build lean muscle mass.

How does Clenbuterol work?

Essentially, the drug Clenbuterol works by inducing Thermogenesis, a process that elevates the body temperature thereby boosting metabolism and burning calories. These calories are drawn from fat stored in the body, allowing individuals to shed weight and fat easily. Athletes who seek to enhance their stamina often take clenbuterol, a medication normally prescribed for those with respiration issues. The drug helps to open the airways, allowing more oxygen to be drawn into the body. Consequently, athletes may use Clenbuterol for a specific period of time in order to obtain more favorable results.

When should you take Clenbuterol?

There is no set time for taking Clenbuterol, yet for best results, it should be consumed 30-45 minutes before exercise. This drug can be helpful for those who want to get ripped quickly and enhance their athletic abilities. Therefore, if this is what you desire, Clenbuterol is the drug for you. It is essential to take it at the correct time and in the correct dosage for optimal results. Additionally, it is suggested to take it with food.

When should you not take Clenbuterol?

It is not recommended to take clenbuterol if you have an existing medical condition that might be worsened by it, if you are pregnant or nursing, if you are using drugs that might have a negative interaction with clenbuterol, or if you have previously experienced an allergic reaction to it.

What are the benefits of taking Clenbuterol?

Many bodybuilders and athletes are taking advantage of the positive effects of Clenbuterol, as it functions similarly to anabolic steroids but does not possess the same properties.

  • Women are particularly drawn to this drug, as it does not have the same androgenic side effects as other steroids, such as facial hair, male pattern baldness, or a deepening of the voice.
  • By utilizing Clenbuterol, people have reported shedding weight quickly. It boosts the metabolism in the body and burns fat, which leads to weight loss. Studies have been conducted, and results obtained through following a strict diet were contrasted with the outcomes after using Clenbuterol, and interestingly Clenbuterol displayed much more noteworthy results in terms of weight reduction.
  • Clenbuterol, being a thermogenic drug, is capable of boosting the internal temperature and thus aiding in the burning of fat. Furthermore, this particular drug can serve as a bronchodilator, which can improve breathing, plus, it may also result in an increased heart rate and higher blood pressure.
  • Clenbuterol is renowned for its capacity to not only burn fat but also build muscle mass. Research has demonstrated that people who take clenbuterol can acquire up to 2-3 pounds of muscle within 6 weeks. Moreover, clenbuterol is rumored to heighten your physical performance by augmenting your strength and endurance.

What are the side effects of taking Clenbuterol?

The consumption of Clenbuterol can give rise to some severe implications, such as:

  • Increased Adrenal Gland – It can lead to Addison’s disease, a condition which is characterized by a diminished amount of the hormones produced by the adrenal gland. On the other hand, some people have reported experiencing an increase in the hormones secreted by the gland.
  • Rapid heartbeat – Although this symptom is not particularly serious, it may cause palpitations. It typically subsides when the individual stops taking Clenbuterol or reduces their dosage.
  • Palpitations- Taking clenbuterol can lead to increased heart rate and palpitations in some individuals. Palpitations are a frequently seen side effect of beta-2 agonist drugs including clenbuterol, and they become more apparent at higher dosages. If you experience palpitations while taking clenbuterol, it is vital to speak to your healthcare provider about any symptoms you have or if it was due to the medication.
  • Tremors- This type of trembling can occur after the use of clenbuterol for weight loss or athletic enhancement purposes. It usually dissipates when you cease using it or decrease the dosage.

What are the precautions you have to take if you are taking Clenbuterol?

Using Clenbuterol to help manage asthma can be beneficial, but it is important to be aware of the potential risks. Those with heart conditions, high blood pressure, or hyperthyroidism should avoid taking Clenbuterol. If you have asthma and are considering using this medication, it is important to consult your doctor to determine if the positives outweigh the negatives.

What is the recommended dose of Clenbuterol for men?

Clenbuterol is widely consumed by athletes and bodybuilders during their cutting cycles as it has the capability of burning fat. The daily dosage of this drug for weight loss is 60-120mcg. It is suggested to start with low doses and then gradually increase them. This allows the body to become tolerant to Clenbuterol and the beta-2 adrenoreceptors become less responsive. Clenbuterol is available in three forms – liquid, tablet, and injectable.

What is the recommended dose of Clenbuterol for women?

Clenbuterol is an effective fat-burning supplement that is consumed by female athletes and bodybuilders. Both genders can take 60-120mcg of Clenbuterol every day, however, it is suggested that women should be more cautious and reduce the dosage to 60-100mcg. The amount of Clenbuterol that women should take is relative to their weight and body size. Women can begin with a 20mcg dose and gradually increase it by 10-20mcg every 2-3 days until they reach 80-120mcg daily.

What is the proper method of taking Clenbuterol for men?

There are various methods of taking Clenbuterol, and the best one is different for different people and depends on individual needs, body, weight, and more such factors. However, it is recommended to take Clenbuterol 30-45 minutes before the workout. This drug can be taken for 6 weeks with a dose of 120-140mcg per day.

What is the proper method of taking Clenbuterol for women?

For women, it is recommended they take 80-100mcg of Clenbuterol per day. It would be advantageous if you take it 30-45 minutes prior to your workout sessions. A 6-week cycle of this drug is effective and has shown noticeable results in women.

When to take Clenbuterol?

It depends on your goal or what the doctor suggests. However, bodybuilders and athletes usually take it before their upcoming competitions to cut off fat and develop a good physique.

After the workout or before the workout?

It would be advantageous if you take Clenbuterol 30-45 minutes before the workout.

Is there any special diet recommended when you are consuming Clenbuterol?

Whilst you are taking clenbuterol, it is crucial to increase your calorie intake. Your frame can be burning extra energy, so you need to consume greater to keep away from dropping weight. It’s also essential to devour protein while on clenbuterol, as it will assist you to preserve your muscle mass. Desirable assets of protein consist of lean meats, fish, fowl, dairy, and eggs. You may additionally want carbohydrates for strength production; thus including complex carbohydrates consisting of complete grains would be an excellent choice.In case you are taking Clenbuterol specifically for fat loss, then it is extra recommendable that you decrease your calorie consumption, and consumes foods that do not increase the fat percentage in your body. You can ask your doctor to create a diet plan that would help you in achieving the desired fitness goal.

What other steroids can stack with Clenbuterol or Clenbuterol Combined Cycles Dose?

  • Clenbuterol and T3

Clenbuterol and T3 weight reduction stack is an aggregate of two effective weight reduction supplements. Clen is a bronchodilator, which relaxes the muscular tissues and makes breathing easy for patients suffering from respiratory diseases.It additionally facilitates and promotes fat burning by means of stimulating your core temperature for maximum performance.Clen and T3 weight loss stack may be used for cutting off the fat from the body. Whilst the T3 hormone will increase metabolism, which in turn boosts energy levels. Clen and T3 stack is quite popular among bodybuilders and athletes.The usage of the aggregate of those two dietary supplements permits you to lose weight faster than different techniques. If you are looking forward to this, it is advised you discuss this with your doctor and take the doses suggested by him.

  • Clenbuterol and Dianabol

This is another popular stack, that bodybuilders and athletes often take. The recommended cycle of this stack last for 8 weeks.The recommended dose for Clenbuterol during the combined cycle is as follows:The dose is usually taken on the basis of weight. For men, taking 0.02mg per kg is advisable, whereas women should take 0.01mg per kg of their body weight.Along with the above dosages, men are recommended to take 5-10 mg of Dianabol per day, whereas, women are advised to take half of the dose for men, which equates to 5-10mg per day.You can take Clen with food and Dianabol with water. Through this, you can eliminate the risk of shaking, sweating, headache, or anxiety.

Clenbuterol Interact with any other drug?

Clenbuterol may interact negatively with a few drugs. These include tricyclic antidepressants, beta-blockers, and MAO drugs. Before using clenbuterol, it’s crucial to let your doctor know if you’re taking any of these medications.More on, clenbuterol should not be used again by anyone who has previously experienced an adverse reaction to it. Stop using clenbuterol and get medical attention right away if you suffer any allergic reaction symptoms, such as wheezing, face or throat swelling, or hives.

What happens when someone overdoses on Clenbuterol and what to do?

Overdoses on clenbuterol can be harmful and even fatal. Tremors, respiratory issues, vertigo, and even stroke are a few signs of overdose. Overdose symptoms are apparent, frequently present right away, and can last for days or weeks.If you discover someone who has taken too much clenbuterol, call the poison control center or seek emergency medical attention.

Do you need a prescription for buying Clenbuterol?

Yes, to buy clenbuterol legally, you need a prescription from am authorized or licensed physician. Without a prescription, you should not buy Clenbuterol.

Where to Buy Clenbuterol in the UK?

You buy Celnbuterol from a licesed retailer if you have a prescription. Or, you can buy it

What is the effect of Clenbuterol in pregnancy?

Additionally, clenbuterol shouldn’t be taken by pregnant women. This is because the medicine may affect a nursing newborn if it enters breast milk. Furthermore, there is no evidence to support the safety of clenbuterol use during pregnancy. However, if you intend to take Clenbuterol, we advise that you consult your doctor first. He can advise you on the best dosage or another option.

What is the effect of Clenbuterol in breastfeeding?

Women who are nursing should likewise refrain from taking clenbuterol. This is because the medicine may affect a nursing newborn if it enters breast milk. Or, to be on the safe side, we advise you to speak with your doctor about taking Clenbuterol.

Storage of Clenbuterol

  • Store it at room temperature or between 20-25℃.
  • Keep it protected and out of reach from children.
  • Do not expose it to air, water, or sunlight.

Drug name of Clenbuterol 

This drug is sold under the brand names Dilaterol, Spiropent, and Ventipulmin.

About Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol is an approved sympathomimetic amine (SAA) drug, which is used to treat asthma-related breathing problems. In order to improve breathing and reduce wheezing and coughing, it primarily relaxes the bronchial smooth muscles and boosts lung mucus secretion.

Anavar VS Clenbuterol

Bodybuilders and athletes frequently utilize the medications Clenbuterol and Anavar. Despite having comparable effects, there are some significant distinctions between the two medications.While Anavar is an anabolic steroid used to build muscle and get lean, Clenbuterol is a bronchodilator used to treat asthma.The anabolic effects of the two medicines are another distinction. Clenbuterol is less anabolic than Anavar, so Anavar can aid in gaining muscle mass more efficiently.Anavar is not a stimulant, although Clenbuterol is. This indicates that whereas Anavar does not have side effects like anxiety and insomnia, Clenbuterol can.

Cycles of Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol can be administered by injection or orally, and it is often taken in cycles lasting two to three weeks with a two-week break in between. Men should take 60-120 mcg of clenbuterol per day, while women should take 60-100 mcg of clenbuterol per day. Take clenbuterol 30 to 45 minutes before starting the regular workout.A typical Clenbuterol cycle lasts 16 weeks over the course of a year. You can also choose the next option, which is a cycle of 8 weeks that occurs twice a year. There are other additional cycles that hinge on personal objectives and exercise regimens. Consider the advice of your physician or other professional to reap great results.Formula: C12H18Cl2N2OCAS ID: 37148-27-9Molar mass: 277.19 g·mol−1ChEMBL Id: ChEMBL49080ChemSpider ID: 2681Metabolism: Hepatic (negligible)ATC code: R03AC14 (WHO), R03CC13 (WHO), QG02CA91 (WHO)

What uses does Clenbuterol have?

Clenbuterol is used to treat respiratory problems, lose weight, and improve sports performance. In 1977, this medication was first put to use. It works by assisting the body’s respiratory rate to improve. The medication functions by increasing the oxygen supply to your body’s cells. Additionally, it speeds up your body’s metabolism and helps you in quick weight loss.

Can Clenbuterol lead to hair loss?

Clenbuterol does not cause hair loss. If you already have hair problems or in the medical history of your family, then it is recommended you take your doctor’s advice.

What occurs if I stop using Clenbuterol?

Use it wisely to avoid heart scarring after stopping to use it. The gains and muscle you will get after the end of the cycle will remain the same only if you will maintain them with enough exercise and a proper diet.

What is Clenbuterol’s half-life?

The half-life of Clenbuterol is long. It is usually effective for 36-46 hours.


  • ACTIVE SUBSTANCE: sympathomimetic amine
  • FORM: 40mcg x 100
  • ACTIVE HALF-LIFE: 36-48 hours
  • DOSAGE: 60-100mcg per day
  • ACNE: NO
  • HBR: NO


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